A breakthrough in fluid sensing technology, TouchSensor's™ LevelGuard® family of electronic pump switches, sensors, and alarm products offer superior reliability, durability, and performance for home, commercial, municipal, marine, and RV applications. Designed and validated to outperform all other switching devices, these solid-state, UL listed electronic controls should be your first choice in safeguarding against Mother Nature's worst water events.

LevelGuard sump pump switch
The LevelGuard sump pump switch replaces conventional float switches

LevelGuard Residential Sump Pump Switch

The LevelGuard Electronic Sump Pump Switch replaces traditional float-type switches and is The First Switch That Will Outlast the Pump™.  With more than 10% of all basements in the U.S. reporting foundation water leakage, it's imperative for homeowners to know that their system is operating at its best. Learn more about the best sump pump switch on the market today!

LevelGuard sewage pump switches are UL listed!

LevelGuard Sewage & Effluent Pump Switches

Tested to more than one and a half million cycles, LevelGuard's solid-state, electronic pump switch products are setting new industry standards for fluid management devices. Engineers and plumbing professionals now have the luxury to specify fluid level control systems that meet and/or exceed the performance needs of their system designs and client expectations.

LevelGuard RV and Marine Pump Switches

LevelGuard Marine & RV Fluid Control and Monitoring Systems

LevelGuard products incorporate TouchSensor's patented, solid-state Field-Effect sensing technology and have become the de-facto standard for fluid level detection in Marine and RV applications. LevelGuard features fluid monitoring products for holding tanks, bilge pump controls, and high water alarm systems. Confidently protect your family's recreational enjoyment, safety, and property with LevelGuard brand products.

News & Updates

September 9, 2015

TouchSensor® Technologies LevelGuard® Pump Switch Passes 1,500,000 Cycles in Laboratory Test


TouchSensor Technologies announced today that its LevelGuard Electronic Sump Pump Switch recently passed the 1,500,000 cycle milestone without failure in a laboratory reliability test..

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LevelGuard sump pump switches in the news

January 19, 2015

TouchSensor Technologies Announces Addition to LevelGuard® Sales Team


TouchSensor Technologies announced today the promotion of Mr. Jay Orellana to Business Development Manager - LevelGuard®.

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LevelGuard sump pump switches in the news

April 17, 2013

LevelGuard Fluid Control Products Announces Sewage-Rated Pump Switch


TouchSensor announced the LevelGuard Sewage Pump Switch that offers pump and plumbing professionals a solid-state product for applications where effluent or sewage fluids need to be pumped from one location to another.

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LevelGuard sump pump switches in the news