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About LevelGuard Fluid Control Products

LevelGuard introduces Field-Effect sensing technology for fluid level detection in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal plumbing markets. Please subscribe to our E-mail newsletter for technical updates.

TouchSensor engineers and manufactures Field-Effect sensors for appliance, exercise equipment, medical, and automotive markets. Since 1997, TouchSensor has delivered nearly 200 million Field-Effect cells for use in the markets it serves. TouchSensor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Methode Electronics, Inc. Please visit www.methode.com/sensors-and-switches.html to learn more.

In 2004, TouchSensor impressed the Marine & RV Industry when it introduced the SensaSwitch 20, the world's first and only solid-state electronic submersible bilge pump control using Field-Effect fluid sensing technology. In 2005, TouchSensor again broke new ground with the launch of the next generation SensaSwitch Ultra, the world's first and only CE rated, 2-wire, 12 and 24 VDC, 20 Amp Marine bilge pump switch. TouchSensor’s success continues today, as several of the world’s leading OE bilge pump manufacturers have embraced the performance benefits of Field-Effect by directly integrating the technology into their products.  LevelGuard is the culmination of the right technology meeting a specific customer need. 

Methode Electronics is a leading developer of custom-engineered and application-specific products and solutions utilizing the latest technologies. From biometric identification capturing the unique characteristics of human skin structure; to magnetic signature sensing of mechanical and electrical properties; to the revolutionary solid-state touch sensitive switches used in today's appliances and automobiles, Methode's extensive toolbox of technical solutions help our customers differentiate their products. Our regional design and customer support centers, coupled with manufacturing campuses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia allow Methode to bring a total business solution to customers worldwide. We leverage the talents of our 2,800 employees to serve a diversified group of customers in four market areas: User Interfaces, Sensor and Switches, Power and Data. Methode helps customers win in their end markets by providing an unmatched combination of customer focus, differentiated technology, problem solving and world-class manufacturing. Please visit www.methode.com to learn more.