Marine and RV Fluid Control Systems

LevelGuard (Marine Applications) SensaTank® Marine 100

LevelGuard's multi-tank monitor helps maintain confidence in your boat's fresh, grey, and black water holding tanks.*

View LevelGuard SensaTank installation instructionsSensaTank is the most hassle-free, reliable, fluid level detection system available on the market today!

  • Multi tank monitor Includes display panel, interface module, 4-sensor wire harness, and 20 foot communication cable
  • No leak paths! (Externally mounted system)
  • Plug and go installation
  • No adverse effects from temperature, humidity, or vibration
  • One (1) Year Standard Warranty (Manufacturer's Defects)

* Not for use with metal holding tanks or in fuel / oil applications.

Name SKU Price
SensaTank Marine 100 ST-MAR-100 $250.00
Display Panel M100-DISP $80.00
Marine Interface Module RV100MODUL $30.00
Marine 4 Sensor Harness RVHARNESS $30.00

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