Customers testimonials about LevelGuard:

"My primary pump cycles every two minutes, 24 hours a day. LevelGuard makes that a non-issue. It has been in place for almost three years. Feel free to do the math! LevelGuard makes me confident that the exercise equipment we have invested in is protected along with all the other house mechanicals in our basement.

When our plumber came by to install a new silent check valve he decided to buy a LevelGuard for his own home. Combine LevelGuard with a silent check valve for a quiet, reliable home solution for your sump pump."

~Carrol I. from Warners, NY via SumpPumpsDirect

"I like the LevelGuard sump pump switch because it allows the sump pump to run for 50 to 60 seconds before it shuts off. I have tried pumps with built in float switches, tethered float switches, diaphragm switches, which ran the sump pump for 15 to 30 seconds before shutting off depending on the switch - the worst thing for an electric motor is the constant turning on and off. I like the pig tail plug because if the switch fails, you can unplug the pigtail and plug in the sump pump direct into outlet and run the sump pump manually - with the diaphragm and built-in float switches, you're up a creek with out a paddle. A big plus is no moving parts that I believe is more reliable. Another plus is it won't get hung up in in sump pit like a tethered float switch."

~Frank V. from Hatfield, PA via SumpPumpsDirect

"Got mine today and installed it in less than 5 minutes. Basement flooded due to a bad dongle switch that was less than a year old . Have replaced sump pump and switches 4 times in the 10 years that I have owned my house. I wish I wasn't being a cheapskate on the first installation. It would have saved me a lot of bucks and grief."

~Bobby Woodburn, Do-It-Yourselfer via Facebook


"I am so far very satisfied with our Level Guard switch. We have enjoyed having a bathroom in our basement we can now use after fifteen years of problems with different SJ Electro switches. We have now been using the Level Guard switch for over a year with out a problem. I do not usually offer testimonials on products but I am very pleased with LevelGuard. Thank you for a great product."

~Danny G. from Albemarle, NC via
LevelGuard Warranty Registration Form

"As a plumber I've seen the damage a failed pump switch can cause. The cutting edge "field effect" detects water even through slime and build-up on the switch. The fact that it has no moving parts to wear out sold me. This switch is in my home, operating daily without fail. This is the future of pump switches."

~Jeff, Licensed Journeyman Plumber via Grainger.com

" I've owned my home for 20 years and have been through a number of sump pumps and switches. I ended up with a Hydromatic V-A1 pump with the vertical mechanical switch. Great pump....not a great switch. After a while the switch contacts become intermittent and unreliable. I was hoping someday someone would come up with a switch like yours. I installed your switch with my Hydromatic pump two years ago and it works great. It turns the pump on smooth and has good pumping range. We have had a ton of snow melt and rain today here in eastern MA and I don't have to worry about my basement. I just wanted to compliment you on a great product!" ~Douglas S., Homeowner, Rockland, MA


I came across the LevelGuard switch after looking for every review I could find about this switch, I was convinced that this was the item I was looking for. After having it for 2 months, all I can say is that it just works and that it is all I could hope for. I have put way too much money into my finished basement to worry about a bobber getting caught on a wall to ruin it all.

~Matthew Donner, Do-It-Yourselfer via Amazon.com

I've got the original version and works great! It's the ultimate solution to my mechanical switch problems after over 10+ years of suffering mechanical switch failures. Well worth the money, it's insurance in the bank to prevent a flood in my remodeled basement.

~John Wills, Homeowner, via Facebook.com


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