Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About LevelGuard:

Can I install LevelGuard myself or do I need a plumber?

The LevelGuard sump pump switch is easily installed by the DIY homeowner if you choose. We recommend using a licensed plumber when working with sewage ejector pumps.

Can the sump switch be used in sewage pump applications?

The LevelGuard model Z24803PTZ is rated for sewage ejector pump applications. The Z24800A1Z, Z24801A1Z, and the Z2480AA1Z models are all approved for sump pump applications ONLY.

Is the switch point adjustable on LevelGuard?

The sensors are spaced 6 inches apart and designed for industry standard travel in residential pump applications. All LevelGuard switches are designed with delay so that the pump will continue to operate for 3 seconds after water leaves the lower field effect sensor. The actual pumping depth is between 8 inches and 10 inches.

What types of pumps does LevelGuard work with?

LevelGuard Pump Controls replace mechanical float-switches or tethered float-switches on new and existing non-automatic pumps. It is designed to work with piggyback plug style systems only. We do not recommend use with Integrated Switch Pump Systems. (See our list of compatible sump pumps or compatible sewage pumps.)

What pump specifications can LevelGuard be used with?

LevelGuard can be used with 120VAC / 12 amp motors and under. These are generally 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower pumps.
*Please refer to our sump pump switch installation instructions or sewage pump switch installation instructions for additional details.

When I installed my LevelGuard, it did not empty all the water from the sump pit right away. The pump ran several times until finally the water level went below the lower switch point line. Is something wrong?
No. When the LevelGuard is first plugged in it initiates a Sump Calibration Routine. This runs as follows assuming the sump is full of water:

  • Run pump for 15 seconds, then stop.
  • Run pump for 16 seconds, then stop.
  • Run pump for 17 seconds, then stop……

This continues, increasing the pumping time in 1 second increments up to 60 seconds or until the bottom sensor is reached. The Maximum Pump Time is then computed to be 2 times the value determined by the above sequence. If the sump is pumped out in less than 15 seconds, then that time x2 becomes the max pump time.  If the calibration routine continues to run to 60 seconds without pumping the water to the bottom sensor, the Max Pump Time will be set to 60 seconds.

The max pump time is re-computed each time the LevelGuard is powered up. If the water level reaches the backup switch point (at the top near the power cord) then the pump is turned on and run (regardless of the computed Maximum Pump Time) for as long as that sensor is activated. Once the water level recedes and the sensor is de-activated the pump is run normally per the computed Maximum Pump Time.

The purpose of this routine is to protect the equipment from running continuously in the event of a failure of the LevelGuard to detect a change of state by the lower sensor. This might occur if excessive buildup of foreign material on the LevelGuard occurs or an object, such as a sock, falls into the pit and clings to the LevelGuard sensor area.

Does LevelGuard sense through scum and scale buildup?

Our pump controls were tested and approved for the application by both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and a third party testing lab. Both LevelGuard models have been tested to sense through up to a 1/8” of mineral buildup.

How long will it last?

The LevelGuard pump control has been tested over 1.5 million cycles. The robust mechanical design carries a 5 year warranty and will outlast current technology float and diaphragm switches at least 7:1.

Does LevelGuard work if I lose power?

No, our switch requires AC power. We recommend a battery backup system in case of power loss.

Haven’t I seen this type of technology before?

Over the years, attempts have been made to replace float and mercury switches using solid state electronics. Many of these have failed.

LevelGuard’s Field-Effect technology has been used in millions of fluid level sensing applications ranging from appliances to marine bilge pumps to RV / transportation fluid reservoirs. Field-Effect's software-free, low impedance, and high signal-to-noise ratio enables it to accurately sense water levels.

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The LevelGuard electronic sump pump switch is also available at your local wholesaler and has a five-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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